Thank you for attending our consultation event!

Attendees view the exhibition boards
Attendees view the exhibition

Thanks to everyone who attended our consultation event at the end of November! We have received 48 feedback forms so far and  have analysed the main points and provided a summary below:

Sharpness Docks, Canal & River Trust

Public Consultation 2 (28-29 November 2014): Note of the Main Messages

Main Messages:

  • The vast number of those who attended supported the proposals for the development of the estate.
  • Those who answered the feedback form also said that they agreed the proposals would deliver the Vision for Sharpness Docks that underpins the submission draft Local Plan policy for the estate.
  • Many welcomed the increase in housing and population – noting the importance to supporting local services and facilities.
  • Many welcomed the tourist attractions identified for the island site and for the Pleasure Grounds – although some asked for reassurance that the Pleasure Ground would continue to be a place for local people too – walking dogs and so on.
  • A few respondents expressed concerns about access into the new housing site (particularly from Oldminster Road), and some said they were anxious about how much traffic would be generated.
  • Some concerns were also expressed about how the new development might disrupt wildlife on the site.
  • The ideas for community gardens, including a community orchard, were welcomed (it seems there had been a community orchard in the past that has now gone).
  • Several expressed a desire for more shops.
  • Those who visited and use the existing football pitch say they want to keep it where it is, but wish to see it improved – including with changing facilities.

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