The Proposals

The planning application, in line with the Stroud District Local Plan – ‘Site Allocations Policy SA5’ will seek to deliver:

  • New leisure and tourism development and jobs
  • Expanded industrial and warehouse space and jobs
  • Up to 300 new homes with community facilities to be shared by new and existing residents
  • Expanded marina and new facilities
  • New public green spaces and recreational amenities
Artist’s impression of what the site could look like.


4 thoughts on “The Proposals

  1. im really against this, our lovely village is going to be ruined!! More crime cars lorries and pollution, less facilities unless a school and doctors surgery will be built!! Disgraceful. Not enough space for all your proposing and the jobs will never happen just want the money


  2. Houses maybe but not at the expense of affecting the exsisting residents. Ie, oldminster rd. Why should we have to endure disruption to our envoironment through extra traffic and loss of trees for your projects progress. I would thnk there would be little objection to your houses if acessto them was on your land,ie. The dock road. Tell the district council and the highways this. Listen to the local people it is our homes now and will be still in the future.
    Mr R JELLINGS 01453 810176 GL13 9UT AND OTHERS


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